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How to pay for 48 hours in ho chi minh city

On the way to vietnam?Below are great tips to help you enjoy ho chi minh cityhmm, how to start.Ho chi minh city is a big place with 2 million fume chugging scooters and a humidity that can mess with the, but the people here are friendly and welcoming and 48 hours spent here will be 48 hours spent well.

The bustling city of the former saigon has had a breath of life blown into it after many years of post war decline.As the neuveau riche clog the streets in their bmws and audis almost all slip alongside on their scooters at ten times the pace.

Staying central in district 1 in either the high end section of the rex, the caravelle or the hyatt will see you shopping at other brands chloe, hermes and rob lauren(Of your neuveau riche).Otherwise there are numerous very cheap and still fabulous hotels closer to the famous backpacker area of pham ngu lao.This area is also the place for budget backpackers and party people if you hunting for all nighter drinking buddies.

There are also many quality mid range hotels along le tu trong street for example Ralph Lauren Outlet UK the kingston and the golden central hotel saigon.

Pham ngu lao is a start for shopping and exploring.One can browse and buy sets from designer sunglasses to photocopied and bound books, knock-Off handbags to faux art.

Of this type, a wide range of conceivable nationality of food is catered for.A stroll along bui vien street will keep you busy for some hours and that before you even eaten.Be aware that this area is frenetic and friendly through the day but turns seedy and sleazy after dark so keep your wits about you.

The ben thanh markets is a landmark that attracts scores of international visitors every year and is definitely worth a look although it is not air conditioned so be prepared to sweat a little!Repeatedly, everything imaginable here are offered for a good price and fierce haggling is recommended.Smaller markets are located at saigon square 1 on nam ky khoi nghia street.

For a more at ease, air-Con shopping experience, try vincom centre or the tax office building.Here you can have the luxury of air cooling and highlands coffee.

A trip to the war remnants museum on vo van tan street will pass at least a couple of hours.Keep in mind that it closes at 5pm, with no hassle.Shortly after that the lights go out and you herded to the exit in semi darkness even if they let you pay to get in at 4.45pm!The museum itself is very facing, with graphic images of the atrocities of 'the american war' as the vietnamese call it and the still ongoing results of agent orange.Bare in mind that it a one sided view of the war and is very anti american.Nevertheless anticipate to be moved.Outside additionally, you'll find a tank, chopper and fighter jet used in the war.

The ho chi minh city fine arts museum on pho duc chinh street is a stupendous yellow and white building with a chinese influence.The fine arts museum is home to many enlightening collections, among lacquer and enamel ware to contemporary oil paintings by vietnamese and foreign artists.Visitors can also see the huge hall with its nicely tiled floors.The first floor includes a display of officially accepted latest art, most of which is kitsch or simply tries to master abstract art, but in some instances something brilliant is displayed.Much of the recent art is for sale and prices are very affordable.

District 11 is home to the dam sen water park which is fabulous fun and most effective pass a stinking hot day.Entry will be 100, 000 vietnamese dong which during the time of writing equates to five dollars or three pounds.Entry to be is even cheaper.

It slightly aged but still clean and safe and nowadays slippery slidey rides to keep all ages entertained for an entire day if you wish.Food here is passable with a choice of three places to eat but it advisable to take your own snacks and drinks.

Just two methods firstly, the 'nga hang ngoc' on pastuer street is unequalled.It may be a tourist attraction as much as it is a local hangout.

Kept in a huge, old colonial style setting up, painted yellow and including a maze multi levels, stairs and water features, it's advisable to reach early or book ahead.

Posting true vietnamese style, this diner lacks a central kitchen.Instead the chefs are set up around the edges in old classic hawker style stalls where patrons can watch the entire cooking process, choose between the food on display and take as many photos as they like.

The service plan is fast, effectual and friendly, for which the vietnamese are world famous.There are some curiosities on the menu such as 'blood cockles' and 'pigs ears' but don't allow that to scare you!There are also the many delightful vietnamese dishes that the country is renowned for.As a sexy bonus, your wallet will not be much lighter when you've finished and paid the bill.

May also, the zen vegetarian restaurant in an alley off pham ngu lao street turns out decent vegetarian fare for very cheap and includes various ethnicities.It a smaller, family run place with cheerful owners.There's not any air con, instead you'll be near a rickety fan and they aren averse to letting in the street hawkers so you may be visited throughout your meal by numerous book sellers and beggars.

The go go bar on bui vien street is among the many places to party into the small hours.It locosounds polo employs many young men in matching t to wonder the road and try to entice you in for it cheap cocktails.Your meals, even so, is not cheap but the top floor is a good place for watching the crowd down below or the thunder and lighning storms passing over.

Allez boo bar on pham ngu lao street is another hot spot for partying hikers who will be found here chugging back the cheap beer until sun up.Contending with out onto the park, diners i believe view of every day/night life here in the city.

The thing your holiday style, there is plenty to see and do in this city that never sleeps and with the current exchange rate there is much fun to be had for not a lot of cash.


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